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Body Sculpting Specialists Division

Hello, and welcome to the website for Body Sculpting Specialists,which is a division of my business called Medical Anti-Aging Specialists, P.C. My name is Susan McIntosh and if you take a few minutes to read this opening page you will learn a little about me and my practice.  I am a Registered Nurse who has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and then decided to go into nursing. I have always worked in the hospital administrative setting, and had a strong desire to go into nursing. I have worked in many areas of nursing, from working in the hospitals, Medical/Surgical, Dialysis, Rehabilitation, Telemetry, Home Care, Intensive Care Unit to Hospice Care.  Over ten years ago, I began to see the increasing popularity of facial injections being performed to help soften wrinkles due to aging. I also began to see a trend in the number of friends, coworkers and professionals that decided to spend their hard earned money on Botox and Dermal Fillers, but were ultimately dissatisfied with the whole process, and many were unhappy with the results.

After extensive research, I found two problems that I knew I could fix. The first problem was that most of these types of injections were being performed by physicians as a side line service to add to their current practice services. Since many physicians did several types of services in their offices, they tended not to be a specialist in the art of facial injections. The second problem was the bedside manner given to women who had questions. Being a women, and a nurse, I saw firsthand the need for a solid bedside manner, and how time taken with a person looking to have these procedures done was invaluable. Most women I talked to felt intimated to ask the questions they felt were needed to be answered, and were rushed in and out with the whole experience lacking personal attention.

Seeing the need and the ability to fix this problem, I became a nationally certified facial injection specialist who specializes in Botox and Dermal Fillers. Over the years, I have become so proficient in the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles, I was asked to put together a national training company to teach other physicians and nurses on the best way to treat clients. I have built a client following numbering several thousand and treat people out of 26 spa locations throughout Macomb and Oakland Counties. My client list mainly features women of all types (and men) and from all over the US and Canada. I treat celebrities, politicians and have even been featured as an injection professional on a reality show.

Now I know Botox and Dermal Fillers are not what this site is about, however, the same principles that I started my business 10+ years ago has led me to my experiences with CoolSculpting and Electro Body Sculpting.  With thousands of Botox and Dermal Filler clients coming to see me each year, the biggest question I receive, after the questions about wrinkles, is about how to get rid of those problem fat areas.  To be honest, these were the same questions I had, because with my work schedule and eating on the run, I too had a few problem areas I wanted to get rid of.  I did my research anything liposuction, fat reduction lasers and really anything to help me get rid of these problem areas.  I ruled out liposuction not so much because of the cost but because it was surgery that I had to go under the knife for, it is painful, I would have had to take off 7-10 days of work for recovery, I would have had 60-90 days of really bad bruising and of top of all that I would have had special recovery garments and would have had to really adjust my active lifestyle.  Now I know why 56% of the people that go for a liposuction consultation decided it is not worth going through all that.

Someone introduced me to CoolSculpting and Electro Body Sculpting.  I tried them out personally and had great results.  So because I had such great results I decided to open my own Body Sculpting Spa.  Now CoolSculpting helps get rid of fat and Electro Body Sculpting helps burn calories, tightens and tones skin.  The combination of both of these processes can be very effective.  I have had CoolSculpting done and found it was incredibly simple, virtually painless and it only took 60 minutes out of my schedule.  I use Electro Body Sculpting for toning since my problem areas are not such a problem anymore. To learn more about CoolSculpting and EBS click on the tabs to the left to get all the details.

All of our procedures are overseen by Dr. Brian Young, D.O., F.A.C.O.I. with specialized training in aesthetic procedures. If you are considering these types of procedures, I suggest you give us a call.  Our consultations are at no cost and no pressure. If you have questions regarding CoolSculpting, Electro Body Sculpting, Botox or Dermal Fillers,and or want to schedule a consultation/appointment with me, please call us at 586-944-0140.  We are very excited about helping you to achieve your goals.

Susan McIntosh, RN, BSN, BBA, CLNC
Registered Nurse / Advanced Injection Specialist / CoolSculpting Certified Therapist
President / CEO, Medical Anti-Aging Specialist, P.C.


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