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The Electro Body Sculpting Therapy


We are committed to your health and well being. Our computerized Electro Therapy restores a firm, toned body and helps you lose weight in an effective, fast, but healthy manner. We want you to feel good about how you look, live your life with confidence, health and inner strength.

Our treatment helps you lose weight because it improves your blood circulation and stimulates the lymph glands. Electro Therapy is not a gimmick: it is used in medicine by many sport, doctors, urologists and physiotherapists to strengthen damaged and withered muscles.

Other advantages are relief from symptoms related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lower back problems, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, low energy levels, insomnia, obesity, low sexual libido and other stress related disorders.

Consultations are performed with experienced, qualified and caring therapists. You can be sure to achieve your goals of body sculpting, while also gaining muscle tone and reducing cellulite.

It sounds amazing and it is! In a 90 minute totally private electro therapy session, your body's muscles will do the equivalent of a 9 hour workout. You give us your body, and relax, while we do the work for you - the equivalent of 900 sit-ups, 900 leg lifts and 900 push ups. You will also burn between 900 and 1300 calories!



Biceps - Triceps - Abdomen - Pectorals - Buttocks -

Thighs - Calves